Open Houses: Should You Host Them in Oregon in 2021?

No matter what year it is, open houses are a must in the world of selling property. They can only help your sale.

Why Open Houses Are So Important

Open houses give potential buyers an idea of what the house looks like and how it would fit into their lifestyle. Opening up a house is also helpful for sellers, as it allows them to experience their homes for what it would be like to live in them. This helps alleviate a lot of stress from selling and also will help you make more money when it comes time to buy another home. The more welcoming your home is, the more likely someone will want to walk through it. Start by doing an online search of homes that are similar to yours.

What to Expect from an Open House

If your neighbors weren’t walking by your house on a regular basis, you wouldn’t have so much to show off in the first place. Yet, at least 20 years ago, we recall three things about holding an open house: You need a spacious backyard to be able to set out furniture (it sounds like a stereotypical open house cliché, but it really does work). You want a dog, as the dog will provide the family the opportunity to have a play date with potential buyers. You want a fence to keep them safe from your other pets. This is a classic of the genre of lists.

What Not to Do During an Open House

If you sell real estate, get out and host an open house. While most agents won’t admit it, the reason is because they’re relieved to not have to go. Never be rude to prospective home buyers. Make sure you don’t have barking dogs or screaming kids in the background. Don’t lower your asking price by too much! It’s important to maintain boundaries when hosting an open house, especially in such a competitive market like in Oregon. Additionally, learn to declutter. Yes, it’s important to have decor, but sometimes, less is more. Especially when it comes to these events!


That was a very dry and analytical look into the topic of open houses. This is one of the most boring, but important pieces of information you will ever learn. The beauty of these events is that even if you have a personal association with them, you can find yourself genuinely excited about the event. In our experience, we have met with many agents that are very excited about these showings. They always have a sense of excitement on the way to them. We want to hear your thoughts on open houses. What is your opinion on hosting open houses in Oregon?

Pacific Northwest Investments Can Help

While open houses are an amazing tool to sell your home, sometimes, they’re just not worth all that effort. Instead, you can sell your home to Pacific Northwest Investments for a speedy, all-cash offer. We buy houses in Salem, Oregon, and surrounding cities. Get in touch with one of our experts today and allow us to buy your home ASAP!

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