I Need to Sell My House Fast. How Quickly Can a Cash Buyer Close?

Do you need to sell your home ASAP? Sometimes, new opportunities come unexpectedly. You might have decided to buy a new house or move for a new job or even just travel for a while. You’ll probably need to sell your house much faster than is possible on the traditional market, which means you should consider selling for cash instead. Here are a few details that will help you to see how fast you can sell your home to a cash buyer.

Get a Fast Offer

When you sell your house traditionally, you might have to wait weeks, or even months, for the right buyer to come along. To attract buyers you’ll also often need to photograph, stage, and provide tours of your home, not to mention paying for listings and advertisements. These traditional processes can eat up a lot of your precious time when you’re trying to move fast. Instead of going down the traditional route, request a cash offer from your cash buyer. You’ll receive your personalized cash offer within 24 hours!

Stick to Your Timeline

Even when you go into a sale with the intention of selling quickly, there are a lot of traditional delays that can get in your way. For example, you’ll probably be required to do a home inspection, and your traditional buyer might then require you to do some repairs or include certain renovations as part of the closing deal. This can quickly set you behind on your selling schedule. If you don’t have time for any of these delays, sell to a home buying business. They’ll purchase your house as-is.

Don’t Wait to Be Paid

Finally, when you sell to a cash buyer, you’ll get paid fast. Your cash buyer will already have the money to pay you from the very beginning, so once you’ve completed your closing processes, you’ll get your payment 100% in cash. On the other hand, traditional buyers don’t usually have all of the money readily available to pay you. They’ll have to wait around for a bank or loaner to provide them with the money to close on the deal. If something goes wrong with their loaner, they could back out of the deal and you won’t be able to sell your home in time.

So, if you want (or need) to sell your home quickly, remember that selling to a cash buyer will be your best option. Cash buyers will get you an offer within 24 hours, help you to stick to your timeline, and pay you quickly in cash. When you sell to a cash buyer, you’ll get to move on to your next home or opportunity in a stress-free way.

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